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Get Koo Coins for FREE by sharing!

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BannerGet Koo Coins for FREE by sharing!

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1. Share on social networks or messenger apps

To get Koo Coins for free, share with friends, followers or subscribers on Facebook, Linkedin or any social networks or message apps. You can also embed your link on any website to get the visitors!

2. Check the counter daily

The "You will need" counter will decrease as people visit your link (one count per person).

3. Get Koo Coins FREE

Once the "Visitors so far" counter reaches the target, you will see the "Congratulations" message then you can claim the Koo Coins! Please claim immediately as the counter may reset after your next visit.

4. Continue to share and get more

Once you claim the Koo Coins, you can continue to share and you'll again get Koo Coins once the visitor target is reached again with no limit.

What you get:

5 Koo Coins

Visitors so far:


You will need:


more visitor(s) out of


visitors to claim.

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You can also embed on any website to get visitors.